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Got Data? A Salesforce and Rapleaf Mashup

Code and video demo

Salesforce-Rapleaf Mashup - A 4:00 Overview
Any company with customers and/or prospective customers ought to know about customer segmentation.  I mean all customers (and prospective customers) are not equal, right?  Some are older, some are younger.  Some live here, some live over there.  They have different interests, backgrounds, and even purchasing histories.  Customer segmentation gives you the ability to tailor targeted messaging to specific channels of your business, or even to develop algorithms to predict customer retention, among numerous other benefits.  Anyone with a database of customers and prospects should be employing some level of customer segmentation.

This thinking should naturally lead to the questions:

  • What information about my customers and/or prospects do I need?
  • Where do I find this data?
  • What if I only have a limited amount of information to start with?
  • How long will it take to gather this info?

After thinking through these questions myself, and doing some research, I found a company named Rapleaf.  Rapleaf's proclaimed mission is to "create a more personalized world".  They do this by aggregating a potentially large amount of data and building a profile around email addresses.  This is unique because the only piece of information that you really need in order to access their database is an email address.  Since an email address is something that we typically have for most of our customers and prospects this service looks like it could be pretty valuable.   This led me to a few more questions such as, "What type of information can I get?", "How much will it cost"?, "How accurate is Rapleaf's data"?, and "How can I integrate it with Salesforce"?

I checked out the API docs to understand how to access Rapleaf's database, and after trading a few emails  with Rapleaf's Co-Founder Manish Shah I was able to get a full listing of potential data and pricing.  Setting up a free account with Rapleaf will get you an API Key and access to unlimited age, gender, and location data queries.  See this spreadsheet for availability of fields and pricing (as of 02/2011).  Pricing is shown on a per-field CPM basis.  So, if a field has a $10 CPM then it's essentially $.01 for each query that returns data in that field, and you just choose which fields you want to access.

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Clint is a Principal and Founder of The Flywheel Group, a premier provider of innovative solutions to the franchise industry. The FranchiseFlywheel™ application was developed out of the industry's need for a cutting-edge and affordable franchise management tool for franchisors. Spending several years in the franchise industry directing daily activities related to franchise and business development processes, marketing, lead-generation, and contract administration, and an understanding of the needs of peers and colleagues, led to the development of the application. The Flywheel Group is focused on improving best practices and driving change in the franchise industry by introducing industry-leading solutions and working with its clients to re-engineer business processes that will ultimately enhance revenue and improve bottom line efficiency. Clint actively writes and shares his thoughts on the Flywheel Blog.